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Thanks for your loyalty.

Dear Cruizers,

After much discussion, we have decided to shut down operations for Campus Cruizer.

We are proud of our mission to help eliminate all excuses for college students to drink and drive and help keep the bright minds of our future safe. We can not thank YOU, our Cruizers and riders, enough for supporting us through our journey and promoting our message. By using our service, you helped keep your local community safe and spread the message that while it’s ok to have fun, it’s important to do so responsibly. We learned many invaluable lessons through this experiment, both personally and as a team. We hope you pass on the #Cruizer message and continue to #PartyResponsibly in the future. Thanks for a hell of a ride!

The Campus Cruizer Team

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Making Campuses Safer,
One Cruize at a Time

Drinking and driving is a prevalent issue on campuses everywhere. By providing a cheap and friendly alternative, Campus Cruizer aims to eliminate all excuses anyone would have to drink and drive. Cruizer is here to keep the bright minds of our future safe.

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