Frequently Asked Questions About Campus Cruizer

  1. What is Campus Cruizer?
    Campus Cruizer is a designated driving service for students, by students. We aim to provide students at NC State with inexpensive rides around campus and downtown, promote responsible partying, and prevent drunk driving.
  2. What is Campus Cruizer's mission?
    Campus Cruizer aims to make drunk driving obsolete. We provide college students with a cheap, safe and easy alternative to drunk driving, eliminating the excuses people have for driving under the influence. We're not heroes, we're just trying to make the community a safer place.
  3. How do I use Campus Cruizer?
    Through our iOS or Android Campus Cruizer apps, students are able to request a ride from a driver, or "Cruizer". After inputting their destination and the number of people they are with, they can request a Cruizer with the click of a button. We will then match them with the nearest available Cruizer to get them to their destination as soon as possible. They will be alerted once a Cruizer is heading their way, and after pickup it's smooth cruizing to the destination!
  4. Who can use Campus Cruizer?
    While we pride ourselves on serving students and the college community, we also allow "residents", or people that are not necessarily students but live near a college campus, to request rides. We do make sure that only students cruize for us, though.
  5. Who are "cruizers"?
    Cruizers are volunteer student drivers who have gone through our application process. You can rest assured that we have individually talked to and screened every Cruizer, making sure they are safe to drive for Campus Cruizer.
  6. How can I become a cruizer?
    Are you a student who owns a car? Perfect! We're always looking for more cruizers. Please apply to become a Cruizer here.
  7. Where is Campus Cruizer located?
    Currently, Campus Cruizer only runs in Raleigh, tailored to NC State University students. However, if you like the idea of Campus Cruizer and would like to see is launch at your college, please let us know!
  8. How can I get in touch with Campus Cruizer?
    If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or simply just want to say hello, please feel free to email us at We will respond as soon as possible!